Change your child’s drawing into a Softie!

Welcome to our website  Your Softie 

My name is Renata Krawczyk and every day I try to make children’s dreams come true by changing their drawings into Softies. 

The Softie is absolutely an original and unique masterpiece of imagination which every child has inside. I believe that some things are simply timeless and gifting a child with a friend, that was created by him beforehand, is one of the best gifts that can be given.

The Softie is the best present, when you want to:

-          boost  child’s creativity and development

-          show your child that following its dreams is worthy

-          encourage your child to be original, genuine and creative

-          teach your child to express himself

or simply … when you are looking for an extraordinary Christmas, birthday or any other present.

Over a hundred children in Poland and abroad have their own Softie. Let me invite you to my gallery and look at the metamorphosis of dreams, where all the transformations are presented. I hope that YOU will also join the group of  the  Softies’ fans.